9/1/11 & Previous Updates


Nominations are now open!! Visit the Genres tab, located at the top of this page and select the genre you’re interested in. Nominations forms are at the bottom of each genre page.

All readers not just book bloggers, are eligible to nominate books for this year’s Indie Lit Awards!

Friendly reminder: if you worked on a title (author, publisher, editor, publicist, etc.) you may not nominate that title.


EXCITING NEWS! All readers not just book bloggers, will be eligible to nominate books for this year’s Indie Lit Awards! So, start writing down your favorite titles of 2011 for each genre that you read. We’re looking forward to your nominations in September.

Friendly reminder: if you worked on a title (author, publisher, editor, publicist, etc.) you may not nominate that title.


Are you a blogger who is willing to review books in your favorite genre that are newly released in 2011? Are you a publisher, publicist, or author who is looking to get your newly released (in 2011) book read and reviewed on blogs? Great (on both accounts)! We’ve added Mr. Linky lists to each genre page to enable book bloggers to add their blogs to the list of bloggers who are willing to accept books published in 2011 and review them. Publishers, publicists, and authors: we’ve tried to make it easier for you to find bloggers who review books in your specific categories. Our goals are the same as yours — get books published in 2011 seen by readers! We want as many nominations this year as we can get, and the only way to do that is if readers know which books are out. Sometimes that can be difficult, especially if a blogger is new or if they just don’t have established relationships with literary industry people. So, let’s rectify that and get great books into blogging hands! Please visit our genre pages today to either add your blog, or visit blogs in particular genres.

As always, you can leave questions for us here in the comments section, or contact Wallace, Ti, or a genre Director for more information. (Our information is on the Directors and Voting Members page — in the menu on the header).


2011 ILAs are under way. New genres and teams have been announced. 2011 Badges are available (grab one for your site if you want to support the ILAs). How to help? Visit ourFAQ section. Nominations open September 1st.


The 2010 Indie Lit Award Winners have been announced! Congratulations to all of the Winners and Runners Up. Your book was nominated by, read by, deliberated upon, and voted on by book bloggers. We are so pleased to announce the winners. Happy reading to all of you who haven’t gotten a chance to read these titles! And thank you to all of you who nominated.


This Friday, the winner for the 2010 Independent Literary Awards will be announced! Shortly after we will be featuring interviews with each winning author who agrees to grant us one. Stay tuned!

Up Next:
Obviously, 2011 is already under way. Shortly after the 2010 winners are announced, last year’s nominations will be cleared and the nominating process will be open again. And, by March, the judges and panelists for 2011 will be chosen and announced! If you would like the opportunity to be a judge or panelist (or would like to be a judge or panelist for a genre not yet represented), please leave a comment in the Judges and Panelists section of this site and you will be added to the list of prospects.


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2 Responses to 9/1/11 & Previous Updates

  1. You mention a Mr Linky for bloggers who want to be listed as willing reviewers for publishers but I don’t see it on any of the Genre pages. I only see the nomination form. And do you have a list of the books that have already been nominated?

  2. Books in the Burbs says:

    I do, too. Please advise.

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